Photo cards not working


Hey we have enabled some twitter cards and don’t seem to be able to get the photo card to work. The validator displays the image correctly.

Here is an example page

App cards work if you goto

Seems to be something with the image? We remove og:image when we see Twitterbot crawling the page.


Hello Zach,

I think the reason why your image is not appearing is because Twitterbot could not verify the access rights. Here is a solution for you.

  1. Use your S3 bucket as a subdomain to get control by reversing the URL:

  2. Provide a robots.txt file on this subdomain to make sure Twitterbot can access your images:

    User-agent: Twitterbot
    Allow: *

Please keep us posted but I’m confident this will solve your issues.


We noticed when serving images from CloudFront we didn’t have any issue. So we ended up switching out the domain we use to display the images (S3 to CloudFront.) Looks like its working now.


Looks like I spoke too soon. We are seeing intermittent results with the photo cards displaying.