Photo cards not loading for dynamic content


I received an approval request for my domain, but anytime I share a page photo card doesn’t get displayed unless I do validation for that specific URL. For example the below 2 shares are of the same dynamic page, just with different content. As you can see, the first one displays the card, because I went here and validated that URL. But the second tweet doesn’t show the card, even though it is essentially the same page, just different dynamic content. What can I do to make it work?

Original URL:

Original URL:


We have a bit of delay on our caching/fetching side. Sorry about that.

These URLs work fine now, with beautiful puppy images.



My project is based on Meteor Javascript framwork. How to let twitter crawl the meta info of dynamic page ? I have add the related meta as below:
<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image">

$ curl -A Twitterbot
<head><title>502 Bad Gateway</title></head>
<body bgcolor="white">
<center><h1>502 Bad Gateway</h1></center>

You’ll need to resolve that issue before the crawler can work.


Sorry, i redeployed to test the older version on this server. Now i have deployed the newest version.
$ curl -A Twitterbot

 <!DOCTYPE html><html><head>
    <style>.avatar { 
          height: 50px; 
          width: 50px; 
          position: relative;


There are only two twitter: tags in your page (description and url), and there is no twitter:card type defined.


I have added the tags ,but it don’t work on production.


Hi andypiper, I have added the tags, but it don’t work. please give me help. Thank you very much.


I found that the card info can be obtained sometimes .


I’m unable to get the card validator to fetch your page. It appears that your HTTP headers are too long and cause an issue.


Thank you to give me help. Now it work on the validate page. but could not show correctly when share the link in tweet


Working fine for me in this Tweet - the image doesn’t show because there’s no robots.txt on the cloudfront site permitting access. Looks like you’re all set.


Ok thank you very very very much!