Photo Cards not displayed in Tweets even when Card Validator validates them



We are using Twitter Photo Cards in our application successfully from past couple of months. But now all of a sudden they are not working intermittently. We have not changed anything in our application (no meta tags etc are changed) but it shows the Photo Cards for some tweets and not for others even when their URL’s are validated successfully on Card Validator.

Please find below one such URL for which validator validates successfully but photo card is not displayed for its corresponding tweet:

Tweet URL:

Also, sometimes the validator does not validate our URL although all the required tags are verified in green but the image is not displayed. Details of one such tweet:

Tweet URL:

Could someone please help us understand what are we missing here or if its an issue with Twitter.


For, the following metatags for the card should be either filled or removed, not left empty:



Did vincent’s response make sense? Looks like your site may still be missing twitter:site and twitter:creator


Sorry for the late response.

Even after removing the empty “twitter:site” and “twitter:creator” meta tags, we are unable to see the photo card in the tweet. Although the same URL is validated in Twitter Card Validator with the image being displayed successfully. Please find below the details:

Tweet URL:

Also, tried with sending a username for these two fields and got same response. Here are the details for the URL which is validated successfully by the Card Validator but the Photo Card is not shown in the tweet:

Tweet URL:



Could someone please help us out here.



Hi Ryan,

As I mentioned, I tried after removing the meta tags but the photo cards were not displayed in the tweets even after being validated successfully in the card validator.

But I noticed, that some of the tweets that were created yesterday did not show the photo cards but when we created new tweets with same images and links as were used yesterday, photo cards were shown successfully in those new tweets.

One such example is:
No photo card:
Photo Card:

Is this related to some kind of caching issue for images?


Hi Kondra,

Sorry to keep you waiting. I don’t see anything strange in our debugging tools, and have escalated to our team to take a closer look.

Stay tuned…


Hi Ryan,

Is there any update on the issue?


As a quick update, when I tweet this:

There are no twitter tags on that page anymore.

When I tweet this:

I now see pretty shoes.

Is it possible that tags are not rendered for certain pages?


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the response.

But Twitter Cards have started working automatically from 17th April’2014 and they are working fine now. We will get back to you in case we face any issues in future.



Before April 17 there seemed to be something that could have been a timing or caching issue on twitters side. ie If we would post a new url the twitter card for exactly the same url would appear after the second or sometimes the 3rd tweet. As mentioned in the post above things automagically started working April 17th.