Photo cards in feed



We are trying to implement the photo cards the right way but we can’t make it work.

The problems we are having is that the Twitter cards are displayed correctly when opening the Tweet, but in the tweet feeds, only the link is displayed, not the image associated to the card.

Domains registered and approved for posting Twitter Cards

Can you tell us what we are doing wrong?

Thanks much



I can’t really tell from your URLs since the Twitter Cards markup is empty, but since you mentioned the Cards were displaying properly when opening the Tweets, I think you markup must be correct on the page that you shared on Twitter.

Please keep in mind that the Photo Cards are not expanded in the Timeline, only pictures uploaded on Twitter and Vines are currently expanded in the Timeline, which should explain what you observed.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Merci bcp Romain,

We are gonna have another look at our markup to make sure it works great.

Thanks for the precision about the Timeline. FYI, it would be great to have them expanded by default even if I understand why it’s only reserved for your own apps…


I am having the same issue. We’ve been approved to post summary_large_image cards but the tweets do not show up as previewed in the twitter feed. they are reduced to a summary card that opens to a new page. example here:
but in the feed looks like a short summary:

am i doing something wrong?