Photo card validation fails


Validation fails without error message.

twitter id: fremdwelten

twitter:card photo
twitter:site @fremdwelten
twitter:creator @fremdwelten
twitter:title Gehetzt — Die Chronik des Eisernen Druiden 1 (Kevin Hearne)
twitter:domain not found

The image tag has the red point, approval not possible.

What went wrong?


Looking at the meta tags on your page, you have

That URL for the image is not valid.



I applied for summary and was accepted. I then proceeded to apply for photo, as most of the posts on my site are image based - however Twitter Card Validator isn’t allowing me to submit any URLS that are designated as “photo” and when I submit the main domain URL - it keeps bouncing me back to summary and does not allow me to proceed with applying for additional types.

I am using an SEO plugin that allows me to define what type I want the post to be, so that’s not an issue and the source code verifies the type.

So… HOW do I apply for any of the other card types?


You shouldn’t need to reapply for any of the other card types except for the player card, as your domain should have been whitelisted once your summary card was accepted. Can you supply some URLs for us to check for you?


Hi Andy,

Thank you for your speedy reply.

Here are a handfull of URLs that have been optimized for the cards. (I have no way to batch process the preceding 600+ posts) but the whole first page of posts on my site have been.

The coding (and specified image) is also working great for Facebook and G+ - (just an FYI)

Main site

Optimized Posts

(this site isn’t allowing me to post more links)




Thanks, I’ll ask one of the Cards specialists to take a look at this thread. Sorry for the limiting on the URLs you were able to post, I’ve stopped that now, but it is an anti-spam measure we’ve implemented on the forum - in this case perfectly legitimate!


Ok then and thank YOU -

Re: the links - as mentioned - any post on the 1st page of has been optimized for the cards. Click a post to enter it (my theme is not the full and never ending post style)

Totally appreciate your help :heart:


Hi again Andy

Just an update…

I noticed today in my email that I had gotten an email from ‘automated’ Twitter when I was accepted for the summary card that said…

“We’ve activated the summary card for
If you want to use other kinds of Twitter cards (and we know you do), please make another request”

and that was what prompted me to move ahead and try to get accepted for the photo card etc.

Just thought this may help you with the research on this.