Photo Card Not Validating


I’ve been experimenting with generating a Photo Twitter card out of a page that populates with content from one of our internal APIs. It’s just a single a page with an image that links to a product, I populate the meta tags with the url and image source that come back from the response. I get the following error:

INFO:  6 metatags were found
INFO:  twitter:card = photo tag found
ERROR: Internal Proxy Image Service Error (twitter:image)```

Here is the meta tags in my source file that it's supposedly failing: 

```<meta name="twitter:url"     content=;ga_search_type=all&amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;ga_search_query=frenchies&amp;ref=sc_gallery_3&amp;plkey=eab10c9c2e01bbe9b7f662d477c62d392f7f338e%3A228780256&amp;utm_campaign=offerpop_12641&amp;utm_medium=offerpop_commerce&amp;utm_source=offerpop/>  
<meta name="twitter:image"   content=>```

Is this a known issue? Has anyone ever experienced this or got any tips on troubleshooting?


PS. I am aware of the Photo card option being deprecated.


That’s a very good reason not to be trying to generate one right now! :smile:

I’m a bit surprised by the error itself. It is hard to test without you sharing a live URL for us. Can you do that?



Haha I will be changing the content to summary_large_image before that day comes.

thanks for the help


@andypiper let me know if you need any additional info to test


Looks like most of the content elements do not have quotes around the values.


Oh I see that the title meta tag does not have quotes around all values, I think it got truncated, I’ll fix that today. Quick question about the url metatag, does that function as a deep link? If I tweet the page and Twitter generates a card, clicking on the card takes me back to the page (, however I want it to take me to the url inside the meta tag, which is the url of the product in that page. Is this possible? I couldn’t figure out a way of doing this, if you could point me in the right direction that would be great, thanks so much! @andypiper