Photo API Status


We have a major client who would like to use the twitter API to upload images with tweets, what’s the status of the API and if possible can we have early access to it?


We’re still in the process of ramping up the number of users who have access to the feature on desktop version. We’ll let you know soon as we’ll be ready to open the API endpoint.


is the photo api open yet?



Now you can tweet with pics using statuses/update_with_media.


i would like to get a list of the user’s photos


Any update on this? I would also like to get a list of the user’s photos.


There’s no explicit API to get a user’s photos.

The best way to get a user’s photos is to walk through their statuses/user_timeline and extract the tweets containing media.


Has any API been introduced to fetch photos of users?


if you want to tweet images using twitter api you can check my blog and see all the steps and download the example :


Is the any API support for the newly introduced Photo-Tagging Feature. I’m using “statuses/update_with_media” api in my application and I would like use the photo tagging feature when uploading an image and to tag the people.


Do we have a provision in the API to post a image using a pre-existing URL?
i.e not uploading image through multipart data


You can use Twitter cards ( to have an image displayed when a tweet with one of your URLs is included in the tweet, but it will only be displayed in the tweet’s details.
I you want a URL to be uploaded as a image and displayed in the timeline, the only way is to upload the full image, you can’t do it with just a URL.


I am testing with
$mediaID = $reply->media_id_string;
//Update metadata
$mediaTags = array(
‘media_id’ => $mediaID ,
‘alt_text’ => array(‘text’ => ‘Test Tag’));
$reply = $cb->media_metadata_create($mediaTags);
Picture appears within the tweet, but no tags or metadata, so I must be doing something wrong, or it still doesn’t work!