Phone verification not working / no sending code


Add me to the list of people who can’t verify their Twitter account and unsure of the need (I’m sure it’s to provide better service as stated, of course.) Carriers are all supported. Verified them by sending SMS messages from various sources.

And just received this now so we can be sure this isn’t going to happen soon, unfortunately.

“You’ve exceeded the number of attempts. Please try again later.”


Are you doing this in order to create a Twitter app?


Yes. I’m working on a site with a Twitter widget which requires access to the API in order to broadcast tweets.


Sorry for the issue you’re encountering.

For reference, our official embedded widgets don’t require you to create API keys, but it sounds like you’re using an alternative solution.

We request that developers have a verified phone number associated with their account so as to reduce the cases where spammers and others create many accounts and many apps to abuse the API - which I understand you’re not doing here, but I’m just explaining the context.

If you’re unable to add a phone number to your account for some reason, you should raise a ticket with us. Please use the last form option on and a member of our platform operations team will assist you when they are able to process the ticket.


I have this same problem. There is no way to create a twitter APP without adding a phone number and there is currently no way of doing this as I keep getting the same error “You’ve exceeded the number of attempts. Please try again later.”

Plus I am unable to use the report form in the above URL as it keeps asking for the mandatory field of “Email Address” but I am unable to access the field! The cursor fails to go into the field lol… Doesn’t anyone test anything there any more?


I’m having similar trouble. Getting to “We are calling +****** with a verification code. Enter that code below.” The phone number is 100% working but no call ever comes. Been trying for days now.


Have you raised a ticket as described above?


Same problem. Can’t use any twitter plugins because I can’t create an api because I haven’t received the verification.


Same response - have you raised a ticket on the form I linked to previously? Note that it may take a couple of days in order to address the request.

Note that if you just want to embed a Twitter timeline on your website, you can use to generate the code, without needing to create an app and consumer key.


i want to verify my account . keep trying send verification code to my phone number but seems i dont receive any codes. im from malaysia .


Have you raised a ticket?


How to raise a ticket


Read the thread above.