Phone numbers registration issues


For what I’ve been reading, this is a recurrent issue. I’m trying to register an app and the process requires to add a mobile phone number to my Twitter account. When I try to do it an error message says “We are unable to register your phone number now. Please try again”. Actually, I’m receiving confirmation codes for every attempt but I’m unable to confirm them because no page or dialog to do it is shown. I’m in Mexico City and the carrier is Telcel.


Hi, I’m a developer from Argentina. I can’t register my application because the sms never arrived to my mobile pone. Do anyone know why? Thanks.


So, in your case no error message is shown, right? Have you previously register any mobile phone number? In my case I was able to register my phone number in another account (for recovery access options) but looking back it it gone! And in that account I’m receiving the same error message.


Hi B130296, no, no error message. The same message from the configuration page of my account, something like “check your mobile phone, qe’ve sent you and SMS…” .Never arrived! I’ve checked my mobile operator (Movistar) and they said that there is no restriction for incoming foreign sms …


You can try to contact support: Twitter support not replying; unable to use API because of mobile phone number


Hi trace, thank you very much. I’ve contacted support a week ago, but didn`t get an answer yet. Do you know if there is any solution?


I have the same issue - have tried multiple times over several weeks now.

I receive the confirmation code on my phone and enter it on screen but then see the error message;

“We are unable to register your phone number now. Please try again.”

I have tried again and again and again with no luck

My phone is already registered with another Twitter account - could that be the problem?