Phone number required for new account signup?! Dev testing accounts


I’ve never had any trouble until today. Previously, I was able to create multiple test accounts no problem.

Today, I simply tried to create 2 accounts in about an hour timeframe, nothing crazy. The first account was fine obviously, but the second account it is now making me confirm a telephone number to create the account.

I tried in incognito mode, but still no luck. How can I create test accounts for my development environment if I need a phone number for each one?!


You can use Google voice phone numbers. $2 per month…


Google voice numbers are actually free. However this is highly annoying as you still have to have a unique phone number for every Twitter account. So for every new Twitter account I register, i’d also have to register a new google account AND google voice #. Sounds terrible.


I’m hoping this is a bug related to yesterday’s over-aggressive spam controls which resulting in thousands of real users being locked out of their accounts and having to give a phone number in order to re-activate.

Can anyone confirm?