Phirehose library timing out - maybe? - Help?


Hey guys… wondering if anyone has an idea on this one.

I have 140dev background script running the phirehose library… all the latest versions.

I run the get_tweets script in the background using nohup, etc. etc.

The script continues to run, and log something along the lines of [17-Apr-2014 17:20:20 America/New_York] Phirehose: Consume rate: 0 status/sec (8 total), avg enqueueStatus(): 0.01ms, avg checkFilterPredicates(): 0ms (2 total) over 60 seconds, max stream idle period: 28 seconds.

Which to me, means that the script is still running and still working… but it just stops collecting tweets after an hour or two… I’m wondering if anyone has noticed this behavior, or has any comments on this one.

If it was a php error, ie timeout error… the script would stop logging those connection things… so is it something going on with twitter? I’m not sure what to make of it.