Phantom campaigns in twitter ads UI



we are experimenting some weird issues with the campaigns created through the advertiser api.

We are able to create and delete campaigns using the ads api (using our own twitter account, or an external account who granted us the Ad manager role), no problem here.

Here are the few problems we are experiencing :

  1. for our tests we created all the campaigns with the &paused=true parameter, but these campaigns are never listed as “paused” in the twitter ads dashboard.

  2. when we delete an upcoming campaign with the api, it also disappears from the twitter ads dashboard. However if the starting date was the current day, the campaign was listed as “launched” and when I delete it using the api, the deletion is successful (I no longer get the campaign data when I call GET accounts/:account_id/campaigns) but the campaign stays in the twitter dashboard UI under “launched campaign”.

  3. from our main twitter account (the one that has been granted access to the twitter ads api) the campaign filters don’t work. Switching from “launched campaigns” to “deleted campaigns” will always reload the same list (containing both launched and deleted campaigns).

Can you please help us. Especially regarding #2, these test campaigns had large budgets, I don’t want to be billed for these tests.

Thanks a lot in advance, and please let me know if I can provide some more information.


Hey @fabienallanic,

In reply to your 1), the status does not show for API campaigns in the default Campaign Summary view. But if you click Edit in Twitter Ads UI, then you should see the status of your campaign on the top left corner as shown below.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks Maanas! I didn’t notice this yellow icon, I checked and it is present for my test campaigns too.

Can anybody help with #2 and #3?