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Hi. Is there an easy way to make my personal tweets also appear as company tweets (therefore not posted by me but by the company) at my company’s page? At the moment I sign out and sign in again with my ‘corporate’ details and it’s too much fuss.


If you are logged into your personal account, you will only reach the people in your “following” group. In your tweets you can put @YourBusiness and whatever your message is… and you will be able to direct a message that way, but it will only post to your own followers at your personal account.


There are no organizations in existence that caters to families in financial distress. And for the organizations that do exist, force those families to jump through hurdles and meet certain requirements in order to receive the least of attention. I would like to start a charity fundraiser profile through Twitter to help raise money for people who need financial help by including their personal mailing addresses in the tweet. How can I start this through

Each Tweet would include the request for $1.00 to be donated to (address) of recipient.

Example of possible outcome: One tweet gets re tweeted 20 times. 30,000 people (members) decide to donate $1.00 to that particular address = $30,000 goes to that particular family.

I feel that if we could get just a few of the billions of Twitter members to donate, Twitter could be a huge part in changing the lives of those who are financially suffering during this economy. Donations and the Re tweeting of those original tweets could change the lives of many people in the world.


sorry to crush your idea but not every one thinks like you and if there was such a world we wouldnt have war or homeless people to worry about. ome people would rather take your money than give it. most people would rather not have anything to do with helping and if your lucky and your with the right people they might help you with some advice with a hug.

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