Personal client write operation blocked


So basically I use as a personal twitter client for my terminal, it has one API key from my personal twitter account, no one else uses its, only me, and only manually, I do not use any sort of automation in regards to the application in question. I got an email on 1/17/2016 11:05 PM PST saying my application was now write operation blocked linking to what seems to have been a generic ToS page(the link didn’t actually work, it 404s) so I ended up reading on your API ToS and dev ToS and I saw nothing that would suggest I broke any sort of rules. Namely I seemingly never hit any API limits, as I never got any warnings, and I otherwise used no automation nor did anything that seemed to be outlined as not allowed in the varying ToS pages I read. I quite literally only use it as a normal client much like I’d use tweetdeck.

My only theory is that I’ve probably gotten close to API limits on it a few times for RTs, as I sometimes RT a few things at once, or that otherwise your own automation regarding anti-spam is at fault here as I’ve been noticing a lot of “Twitter is over capacity” errors as well lately, and they were especially happening when my application was first blocked. My usage patterns are basically the same as they have been on the API key in question for months with no changes on the day of the block, so I suspect my application got caught in lower than usual anti-spam threshold as a result of all the “message”:“Over capacity”,“code”:130" I see on my other application in the last two or so days.

I have already sent a ticket to the twitter “platform support” requesting an unblock, to which I’ve received no human answer yet, merely an automated message once again linking me to shotgun spread generic links saying that I may or may not have been blocked for a large array of reasons, none of which I can discern as the true cause. I understand that twitter support cannot discuss my case in public as I’ve been reading this forum already, however I’d at least like to know whether any twitter support member thinks I’ve done anything wrong here, as well as when I might get a response to my ticket with twitter platform support as it is somewhat inconvenient not being able to use one of my preferred twitter clients.

Apologies for the long post, I’m not very good at making my thoughts concise.


Hi @Noko, sorry to hear that you are in this position. As it has been a public holiday in the US this week there may be a backlog in responding to support requests. The correct way forward here is to discuss via email with the platform support team on your ticket. Thanks!