Permissions problems, DM requested but not given


We have been working with our application (BrandRiders) for several months but some days ago we start getting account credentials with only read and write permissions.

This is weird because our application always had DM permissions and have been never changed.

We need to solve this problem urgently. We have tried to add new accounts and it works properly but the amount of credentials with wrong permissions is growing.

Is there any way to fix this issue without bothering our users?




When we try to renovate the credentials or get credentials for a new account it says explicitly that it will not give access to the DMs but in tne application configuration it says that we will request access to read, write and DMs.

We are using Oauth 1.0 authentication for a long time and we have never changed the application configuration, so where can be the problem?

Is there any way to set the permissions requested in the authentication call?


Make sure that you’re using oauth/authorize on the user authorization step and not oauth/authenticate – oauth/authenticate does not yield the additional permission level.


Thank you! This solves the problem.

The only question I have is, when did this change? because I am using the same code for login with Oauth and I didn’t have this problem until now.