Permissions issues while getting Twitter Ads videos using the API


We are using the Twitter Ads API to get promoted tweets.
Recently we were trying to include Promoted Videos but for the same access token that is working for promoted tweets, we are getting UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT_APPLICATION (“The client application making this request does not have access to this API”)
The request we are making is:
Our application has “Read Only” permissions.
What should we do to be able to get Promoted Video through the API?



There are additional threads with the same question that have been standing unanswered since November. Can we please get some response to those questions?


Sorry for delay. Going to look further. In the meantime, can you provide your app IDs so we can confirm access?


Video API Call Error

Thanks for looking into it.
our Consumer Key is: X2ucIxrmU5yZ89TxSIKolxaTv
Is that what you asked for?


Thanks for the update here. We’ve brought it to the Product team’s attention, and we’ll give any updates back here.



We did a release on Tuesday that should have addressed this issue. Can you take a quick look and confirm?



Thanks @rchoi
We were able to access the /videos endpoint and receiving videos.
We could not find any mention of the tweet ID on this video.
Is there a way to match a Video and Tweet or a Video to Promoted Tweet?


We were also trying to find a way to know for a tweet which promoted video promotes it but couldn’t find any field to match them.
How can we now for a video which tweet it is promoting?
Maybe from the tweet / promoted tweet?


Hi @TaliDolev! See Breaking Tweet Down to App Card and Text.