Permission - Can't modify "Read Only" to "Read and Writer" or "Read, Write and Access"


Can’t modify app permission…

when I click “Update Settings” it refresh to “Read Only”.

I have wait more than an hour… and the permission still “read only”.

I tryed creating a new app and don’t create access token… then go directly to premissions… and the same things happen…

Any idea?


I have upload my cellphone number on my twitter account

Google Chrome Console is handling javascript error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘data’ of undefined page.js: 38


We are aware of this issue and working on a fix.


yup same for me… cannot do changes on my dev account…


Here it is i hope so fix this issue perpectly
Thx twit


Same problem iam getting, please help


application settings are not being updated…
cannot modify read to read write, as a mobile number for verification (and my profile is not accepting my mobile number, as there is no tie up with my service provider)…


Same problem here, is there a fix in sight?


Same issue here. Whats the downtime on this?


Same problem here. I’m now following @twitterapi. Please could the dev guys post updates about this on @twitterapi? Thanks.


We are aware of the issue with tokens not updating on We are actively working on fixing the problem. The actual values are updated but due to a cache issue the display is not.

Tracked in, follow there (and subscribe) for updates.


Fixed now, updated.