Periscope retweet automation


We are a small group of Periscope users who want to retweet each others live streaming events.

We are looking at the API docs and don’t know for sure which calls to use --also unsure if this breaks TOS or not-- we’re not doing anything other than retweeting each others broadcasts.

Can we get a bit of help in deciding which API calls we should use ?
We’d like to automate this process with a closed app that is just for our small group.
The plan is to have everyone authenticated to our app, and once our app is mentioned ( with the @app - we planned to use the search API), then our app will retweet that tweet from all of our users

Is this possible and if so, which way is the best way to go about it

Thank you


Automation of this kind is discouraged - take a look at our Automation rules for more information.


Hey Andy

Yes, i know that this kind of automation is discouraged. But they will give consent to our app to do so. That’s why i thought i’ll start the discussion here to see if that is possible.
Idea is, this is the desired output from the group members. They are doing it manually now, and we’re just trying to automate that for them.