Perfomance OAuth 1.0a


Hi, we’re experiencing heavy performance issues with the OAuth 1.0a twitter api from Italy. Looking to your status page ( seems that actually there’s something with it at least from 4-5 days.

Do you know how does it take to get up and running againg? We have a deep integration with twitter on Vinix Social Network in Italy and we’ve the whole website slowed dramatically slowed down in these days because of this performance issue.

Any feedback and suggestion is very apreciated.




Can you tell us more about how you’re using OAuth? What kind of API calls are you making? Are you using header-based auth or query-string based auth? Are you using the most up-to-date and valid URL formats? Have you done any diagnosis on your connectivity to see if there’s something in between your servers, ISP, or otherwise and Twitter’s servers? What’s a performance issue in your mind? How many requests per hour are you sending and how many of them would you consider below your ideal performance threshold? What’s your ideal performance threshold?