Per-user rate limit for direct messages via API


What is the per-user (not per-app) rate limit for posting new direct messages via the API?

There are several posts on these forums, StackOverflow, etc., but none are current and all seem to have different answers. The docs say this route is rate limited, but doesn’t denote the rate:

Neither of these pages show the rate limit for DMs either:

In our app, we’re looking to allow users to DM their friends deliberately, potentially multiple at a time, and this question is still lingering.


The rate limit for posting Tweets or Direct Messages is not published, in order to make it harder to circumvent these limitations.
Have a look at this post.


A user can post 1000 DMs per day, and this will be rate-limited in order to avoid spam and bad behaviour.


What are my options to send more than 1000 DMs per day? Customer Care app where twitter is one of the channels for Customer interactions will have to send more than 1000 DMs each day, in case more than 1000 Customers contacted the Customer Care and Customer Care is a server-side application that sends 1 DM automatically for every incoming DM. Your help is greatly appreciated.


There a plenty of companies providing CRM service apps on Twitter. The way large brands do this and the way CRM service providers do this on Twitter is not through a single account. As an example, if your “Customer Care” app provides a service for multiple companies, each one of those companies should have their own Twitter account. Your “Customer Care” app will DM on their behalf using access tokens acquired through OAuth. Each one of those brand accounts has their own rate limits. Some very large brands will even have multiple Twitter accounts for an individual business unit or product line.

In all likelihood, a single brand’s Twitter account will not reach rate limits unless they are very large (i.e. attcares or ikeausahelp). Many brands have media relationships with Twitter where verification and rate limits can be discussed. That is out of scope of this forum, though.


I would appreciate if you could advise how to initiate such a discussion with twitter. Thanks in advance.