People search is not working using OAuth Rest API 1 and Rest API 1.1


Hi all,
I have used Rest API 1 before and successfully got response (C#). Recent days, I got error message “Forbidden (403)”, “remote server not responed (401)” frequently. I don’t know why.

string response = _oauth.APIWebRequest(“GET”, “”, null);

webRequest.Headers.Add(“Authorization”, “OAuth realm=“",oauth_consumer_key="” + this.ConsumerKey + “”,oauth_token=”" + this.Token + “”,oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”,oauth_signature="" + HttpUtility.UrlEncode(sig) + “”,oauth_timestamp="" + timeStamp + “”,oauth_nonce="" + nonce + “”,oauth_verifier="" + this.Verifier + “”, oauth_version=“1.0"”);

for the above code, I got response before… but recent days, I was unable to get result…

Someone has informed me to use version 1.1. I have changed the that also. But no use… I got the same error…

Pls guide me where should I change?