Paper salvaging app


I want to make following app;
Someone tweet a link about arXive, I want to collect the linked site of arXive through key word and collect its linked PDF paper, make data of abstract and sort with its category, collected PDF are stored in local storage.
Firstly it will be very simple collection and sort with category.
Secondary update the app with statistics to find better influencers as source of information about papers.

However I am HARDWARE engineer, have not well software experience (machine learning with TensorFlow, Tcl/Tk, C).
I could not find a start line and which language and API are needed. I can not decide that REST is helpful or not to implement.

Any advice is welcome,
Thanks and Regards,



If you have not built much software, building an app like you are describing will be quite difficult. Twitter APIs are not designed to work well with the languages you have have knowledge of either. I would suggest playing around with our REST APIs to better understand the data structure and looking into Ruby, Node.js or Python for languages to build with.





I wrote pseudo code of collecting papers from arXiv, correction and advice are welcome!