Pagination problem in REST API with max_id


Hi, I using this library in php to make a search of a string in twitter (, this library use the REST API 1.1, and I send thes parameters:

q = wordtosearch
count = 100

To the pagination i use max_id like I see in this page , but I don’t know why works bad.

For example I do a query and have 1500 results, if I use this parameters: q = wordofsearch, count = 100, It shows to me 100 tweets, I pick the last id, and to the second page I use something like this: q = wordofsearch, count = 100, max_id = lastid. But I don’t know why only shows to me in the second page 1 result, in total it shows to me only 101 results.

I tried to use queries with count = 10 and shows to me all results, but not always, in any cases have the same problem, in others, works fine.

Do you know what’s my problem? maybe it’s a problem of the library?

Thanks a lot