Page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address



Two days ago I’ve changed provider for my server and public IP address changed. Unfortunately Card Validator keeps giving me “Unable to render Card preview” because of “ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address.”

My website is:

I’ve tried to render cards for home page and for many other pages, always with same result.
I checked the status of DNS resolution and I it seems to be ok. I checked with several online tools. (e.g.
Based on logs and transactions on Database I can see that users and bots are reaching the website as it happened before the migration with few exceptions (Baidu in China).
Performances are now much better than before so I would exclude also timeout issues.
Only explanation that I can give is that twitter caches DNS resolution but if this is the case I have no idea how to ‘force’ a flush of this cache.
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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