Packet oriented authentication instead of session one


I want to develop twittes delivery service via p2p network similar to (in disaster mode). One node (sender) can prepare message and pass for later delivery for another (non trusted) node. Also other node can request for new tweets from server for original node.This is very useful feature for rural areas, travelers and disaster scenarios. Off course all messages should be encrypted. And PGP-like approach should be used. A packet(message) based encryption should be used where only two parties can encrypt and decrypt messages(user and server). But currently twitter has only session authentication protocol, so untrusted mediator should has Oauth token. Off course as a workaround one can create public proxy service which can encapsulate packet handling encryption like twimight does,
sender(encrypt) -->p2p_nodeA–>p2p_nodeB–>my_public_proxy_server(decrypt msg and pass it to <==>
but it will be reinventing the wheel. Are any chance that such protocol can be supported by twitter itself ?


This is an interesting idea but unlikely to become a feature of Twitter. A public proxy service could be against the developer terms of service as well – you would want to check in with our API policy team at before proceeding to far down that route I think.