Oy... here we go again... help?



Restricted yet again. Frankly I’m getting very tired and frustrated with the lack of information available from Twitter platform regarding the cause of these things. I gravely fear that one of these times they’re going to decide to not lift the restriction, thus our business will completely go under, and we won’t even know why. @andypiper, any chance I could get some reassurance that Twitter is willing to work with us in good faith to ensure compliance and that my greatest fears will not become reality?

If it’s worth anything, I am putting as much effort as I can into helping the Twitter dev community by taking part in these forums and by attempting to start a local Twitter Community in my area. I hope that demonstrates my commitment to having a good (and compliant) relationship with Twitter platform enough to be given the benefit of the doubt in cases like this.

I would love for someone to really look into the cause of the restriction and not just take the results of the bots verbatim, and please let us know what it is specifically that is leading to this. It should be clear (at least I hope it is) that we are not trying to game the API rules or anything and that if we were informed what the issue was, we would happily and quickly correct it.

Thanks and here’s hoping the restriction gets lifted soon! :pray:

@DanielCHood - Out of curiosity, how many times did your application get restricted before things seemed to settle down?


My application was locked 3 or 4x in the first 3 months (if I recall). Haven’t had issues since then, it’s now 9 months old.


Ok, that’s pretty much where we’re at now, not sure if this is the 3rd or 4th time. Did you have to make changes each and every time?


Yes. The changes became more and more minor each time.


Ok, I’m feeling a little better about it then, seems like a pretty similar situation. Although the silence from platform and no response from Andy on this thread still has me nervous. Did they tell you what was causing the restriction? We were told at one point it was because users were reporting actions from our app as spam, which makes no sense (if we’re spam then Crowdfire is the most spammy app on the net with all those automated DMs they send), but instead of even being told which actions were being reported as spam, we were responsible for coming up with changes that we think might help, which seemed kind of backwards.

I still think Twitter should try to monetize priority support, get a few more people on the platform team and charge for premium support for issues like this. I’d gladly pay to get real information on what caused the issue so we can make highly relevant changes instead of this sort of guessing that we’re forced to do by just being sent links to the rules.

Anyway, if/when this restriction gets lifted, I’ll be all smiles again - sorry for the rant! :grinning:


The first few times I had to take educated guesses. The last time I tossed out a guess but said that I honestly didn’t think that feature was capable of being abused and asked them to confirm or point me in the right direction.

They can’t just tell you from the jump because it reveals too much about the spam detection system and would allow people to duck and dodge it more easily.