Over tokens 1,000,000



The number of tokens of my registered application is approaching 1,000,000.
It is now 970,000.

Twitter API policy support
I sent an inquiry from the above form and got an automatic response “to reply within one business day”, but I have not reply from you even after a week.
Is the Twitter company people here reading this forum? please answer.
Should I write a case number?


Did you respond to any additional questions in the automated response?

How are you tracking your token numbers? Are they active?

We are unable to answer questions related to individual specific apps in public in the developer forums for privacy and safety reasons. You’ll need to interact via the platform support form process.


I received only Japanese messages sent when I sent from the form. I cite the following.
I have not received any additional questions.
How can I check if the case number is valid?


Thank you for your contact. This help desk will respond to policy inquiries from developers using the Twitter platform. For other inquiries such as account freeze, harassment, general support, please submit a request in this form.

If you have questions on Twitter’s developer policy or EU-US Privacy Shield, or if you suspect this message was sent in error, please reply to this inquiry email.
We are targeting answers within 1 business day for inquiries about normal platforms.

Thank you.

Twitter Platform Operation"


I am Japanese, so this form will be displayed in Japanese, but did you have to write the contents of the form in English?


I’ll see if the support team is able to look at this. If you have a case number and app ID that may help.

What is your application doing, exactly?


Case number 69007275 was already closed.
I created a new case number 69677489.
The application ID is 9442644.
I’m acquiring user block information.


Since I was notified that Developer Policy: Section I.C.1.d - e was violated, I sent specific changes.
But I sent it from the support form and sent an e-mail that written app name, app id, app register user, Consumer Key (API Key), login method, change point for automatic reply mail, but it is always closed automatically.
I do not receive a reply as to what is the problem.
I understand that you can not answer from this forum, but can you reply the reason for case exit by e-mail?