Over Capacity Error statuses/mentions_timeline.json



When I make requests for a particular user’s mentions using sinceId and maxId ranges that are more than a day or two in the past I get Over Capacity errors almost every time.

I know the error indicates that the twitter servers are “Over Capacity” but the error is fairly consistently occurring on older id ranges and equally consistently not occurring on more recent id ranges. This makes me think that I’m not just making requests at a time of high load but rather that something isn’t working the way I expect it to.

I know that the mention’s time line doesn’t guarantee that the API will return 100% of the mentions for the authenticated user, but I would think that if that was the problem then the result would be an empty array rather than a 503 error.

Example of the error:

The Twitter servers are up, but overloaded with requests. Try again later.
message - Over capacity
code - 130

Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this behavior?


Hello @jfposton,

We are investigating this now. Can you please provide your app ID and exact request that you are sending to the system that results in this error?


Absolutely I can send that information to you. Is there a non-public way of sending you that information? Your direct email or something like that.


Feel free to dm me on Twitter:



@LeBraat Unfortunately I can’t seem to send you private messages since you do not follow me and/or you haven’t opted in to receiving messages from people that you don’t follow.


Sorry about that. Try now @jfposton


No problem @LeBraat , just sent you a message.


Received. Thanks!