Over capacity (code 130) on GET followers/list


The endpoint is returning this error:
{“errors”:[{“message”:“Over capacity”,“code”:130}]}

I looked for the problem on this forum but wasn’t able to find a solution


There was a short issue with lists endpoints yesterday, this should now be resolved


hi @andypiper

I’m still having the same problem. This is the url https://api.twitter.com/1.1/followers/list.json?count=200&cursor=1545359998296382036&user_id=[USER_ID]


Sorry - this was completely my mistake, I read the “list” part of the endpoint and assumed it was related to the disruption I mentioned on Lists, without reading it properly! :speak_no_evil:

This is strange, and I can’t currently reproduce - I’m running through my followers list via twurl successfully. Does this happen only on specific user IDs, or on all of them?


No worries, we all make mistakes :wink:

It’s happening with a specific user (the tokens don’t seem to matter).
Is there a way to send you the user id to you privately?


Can you provide the ballpark follower numbers without specifying a user ID? I wonder if there is a general scale issue here.


between 5500 and 6000

Ps: I’ve got no problem sharing with you the user ID. The user is somebody I know and is fine with it.