Outdated buttons' reference api for DMs



The documentation is missing an image:

Have you implemented the other buttons?


Thanks for spotting the broken image, we’ll look into that.

The button types described in this page should all be available in the API.


But, the image is still not loading, and the reference says:

CTAs Object
Buttons can be added to a Direct Message by defining a ctas array of 1-3 objects.

type (required) Defines the type of button to display. Currently must be set to web_url.

Does it mean that the doc is still outdated?


The only type available is web_url


Are they all available or only web_url?


All 4 of the button functions described on that page (Open a webview, Compose a Tweet, Follow a user and
Send a Direct Message) are implemented via the web_url type. The difference is that you’d include different url values for each button.