Our Twitter cards were working for a year then suddenly stopped



The URL in this Tweet validates in the card validation tool but there is no card:

Does anyone know why?

All our cards, across 3 apps, have completely stopped working after being fine for a year.



It looks like it appears now. There is often a delay in the caching mechanism. Let me know if you see more issues moving forward…


There still seems to be an issue, it was showing for that tweet but now it’s gone again and no other tweets before or after that one are showing the photo card.
Most tweets on https://twitter.com/search?q=zombiegr.am and https://twitter.com/search?q=tuxedokittie.com should have cards but don’t.


Hi @tuxedokittie,

Any chance you could try this technique to see if it’s a caching issue? If it isn’t I can ask people on our side to dig deeper.




Hi @rchoi,

We tried that and it doesn’t look like a caching issue.

Our cards stopped working after Sep 16th. If you check out the main feed: https://twitter.com/tuxedokittie you’ll see they stop and only come back on that one tweet you looked at.

This latest one validates in the tool but will not show up:

We did get a time out on the first attempt so we suspect our servers might be responding too slowly. Do you only attempt to grab the card one time?

If that’s it we can work on speeding up the server response.



I’m not sure what happens when it fails to hit, and when it tries again. But I do see this:


Certainly making sure the response is speedy helps!