Our server (Shared web Hosting) has been blacklisted!


Hi Team,

I use the API of twitter since more than a year and always respect the term of your service. But since 2 days our server (OVH) as been blacklisted, and lot of people can’t use the oauth API any more. CURL can’t join twitter.com

Please can you do something?

About my domain :

Domain : picta.fr
Server IP :
Username on twitter : @pictanews

Thanks a lot !



Hi Team,

My website is hosted on this server too, and I have the same issue : CURL is not able to reach twitter.com. This is really annoying… I hope you will do something about it.

Domain : derivoile.fr
Server IP :




Hi team,
I noticed the same problem here :frowning:
Domain : PushingBox.com
Server IP :

I’m using the TwitterOAuth library from @abraham (https://github.com/abraham/twitteroauth)
and get a HTTP error code 0 when trying to reach api.twitter.com

But Twitter said this about the error code 0 (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/faq#6870) :
If you’re making requests to the Twitter platform and receive an HTTP status code “0,” it means that the request never made it to our servers. Investigate whether your HTTP library, programming language, system environment, network and/or proxies are configured to allow traffic over HTTP and HTTPS to the endpoints you will be using.

So, I think the problem is on the server side…