Other users do not receive notifications of posts made by my app



I’ve written (or rather mostly copied) a simple python program that provides a random semi-amusing (OK, completely stupid) random response when somebody tweets at it (@StupidChatBot, set up about 36 hours ago).

The plan is to try to make this more intelligent, if I can get get the basics working.

Problem is that although I can receive tweets sent to the account via the tweepy userstream, and am replying to that tweet with the correct id, and can see those replies in the twitter account, no user is receiving notification of the reply.

Even if I use the web client to directly tweet a following-account, or mention a following-account, the following-account does not get notified.

I know of another app that works in a similar way, @infinite_scream (which is way more amusing than mine).

Should I just give up?


They are being filtered out by the system. I’m not sure what triggers it, or how to fix it. I have had the same issue. It is happening to quite a few accounts. I’ve never been able to get a response from @support.