Other service identifiers on TV shows?



So it is very easy to use the Ruby SDK to find a show by name (using :q and :tv_market_locale). I can use this to find the tv show “Question Time”

=> {:name=>"Question Time",

But without exposing a more wildly used public canonical ID it makes it hard to link exiting information held about this program without resorting to string matching which could fail. Usecases include retrieving synopsis, next scheduled air date, viewing metrics etc.

Something like TMS-ID? http://www.gracenote.com/tms-id/

cc: @andrs


@Chris_Hackett this is great feedback.

So to be clear, the ask here is that we return a semi-standard, more widely used identifier for the show in our API responses so that you can fetch other associated meta data more easily?

Aside from Gracenote, what other major TV meta data providers would you like to see support for?


Wikidata? https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q2581397


Also Atlas from MetaBroadcast mixes data from multiple sources (Press Association, BBC etc.) might be worth considering