Organize or 'pin' favorites


I was trying to think of a way to share more biographical info, working around the character limit in the bio, and without having to make one of those cheesy backgrounds. I thought about using the favorites for such a thing but then I’d have to forgo it’s actual use, which is no solution. But what if we could have both? If we could organize the order of our favorite tweets, most users would simply put their actual “favorite tweets” on the top. But others could use it to expand on their bio, or center around a particular theme at a time. Such a feature would add a lot of functionality and could be implemented simply.

This got me thinking about another simple and useful solution. What if we could give tweets (our own and those by others) a personal tag? Not like a hashtag in the tweet itself, but something client-side, like the way the “list” feature works now - only for tweets? With the option to keep them private, or to display them on the left sidebar, or in a widget?

Usually I’m in favor of keeping twitter simple, but that’s probably because I get tired of hearing everyone complain when something is added. Ultimately, both of my ideas together would significantly improve the twitter experience and its usefulness, without getting in the way for users who don’t like changes or additions.


I really think like @Teratoma “My favorite tweets” are looking like a garbage. I would like to classify or put them under lists.
Thank you so very much.