Organic Tweet stats call returning ROUTE_NOT_FOUND



I’m attempting to retrieve stats for an organic tweet using the following endpoint:

GET stats/accounts/:account_id/organic_tweets/:tweet_id

With the following parameters:


It’s returning the following error:

The requested resource could not be found


Hey @jonlorusso

Thank you for your inquiry. In order for us to be able to dig into the issue, can you please send us the exact request and response bodies using our twurl client?

Please note that all the param values need to be passed in as URL params (along with the necessary URL encoding), as opposed to, within the body of the request.


Hey @jonlorusso,

Just following up here:
The params (e.g., “metrics”:“organic_tweet_impressions”) is a v0 only param, which isin’t available on the v1 endpoint.

Also, please note that the maximum lookback is 7 days (your request is trying to retrieve a months worth of data)

In v1, call should be something like:

$ twurl -H "/1/stats/accounts/8w3s2?start_time=2016-08-01T04:00:00Z&end_time=2016-08-08T04:00:00Z&entity=ORGANIC_TWEET&entity_ids=751437808821149696&granularity=DAY&metric_groups=ENGAGEMENT&placement=ALL_ON_TWITTER"

Also, please ensure that you have the ORGANIC_TWEETS account feature available.




Thanks for your reply. I am actually referring to the two new v1

Using ENTITY=ORGANIC_TWEET on the stats calls does work, but it’s not clear
which is the preferred/correct way to do it (and why there are two ways to
do the same thing).




Hey @jonlorusso

Apologies for the confusion in our docs. Those endpoints that you’ve linked to are actually deprecated v0 endpoints. In order to get the ORGANIC_TWEETS data, we recommend you use our GET /1/stats/ endpoint instead.

I hope that helps!



Perfect. Thanks!