Organic Impressions on Tweets


What is the best endpoint for pulling organic impressions for a tweet? According to the cut off section of the chart here, organic impressions are available across all analytics endpoints, but I can’t seem to find any way to pull it using a tweet id.

Available options for segmentation_type

Hi @coreyac-

Organic metrics are not included in Ads API analytics access. We have removed this section from the general Metrics and Segmentation doc that you linked. Thanks for calling this out and apologies for the confusion.


Bummer, spent a ton of time trying to figure that out. Is there a plan for making organic impressions available through an API?


@coreyac - Ah, sorry to hear that. No, there isn’t currently any plan to make organic impressions available in Ads API analytics. If this is critical to your business, I suggest reaching out to your Twitter business contact - they may have more info.


Our account manager sent me here. Would be awesome if it could be added in so that there is parity between the timeline activity reports UI and API.


@coreyac - We’ll circle back when we have an update. Thanks!


Any updates here? Exporting from the twitter activity report is really painful and doesn’t provide a full history.


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