Order dependent Search API operators. Possible bug?



At the time of writing this and in the past 4 hours I learnt the hard way that the order of operators is most important when using https://dev.twitter.com/rest/public/search .

To elaborate, the order in which I place from and since decide whether I get results or not.

Say I want to pass parameters as from=syndbg since=2013-01-01 as described in the search docs.

Using the above parameters results into https://snap.apigee.com/1CkhVpA (no results)

But reversing it into since=2013-01-01 from=syndbg - https://snap.apigee.com/1xqOA6N (gets results).

While the order of parameters may have importance internally, I think this shouldn’t affect REST API users.
I hope this is a bug and not intended behavior, cause the Search API docs have no mention of operators order.

By the way, I haven’t tested with other operators, but if you can test it, it’ll be great! I think there could be other operators affected.

Best regards. I’m off to sleep and will try to reply before this gets auto-closed by the bot.

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