Orange Data Mining Twitter API Key


Quick question everyone. Does anyone know which OAuth I need for my project? I am using Orange Data Mining trying to do text mining from Twitter from certain authors (Comparing tweets of Clinton and Trump). What authorization do I need to be able to access that? 3-legged, do I just need a token? Thanks guys. I am very new to the twitter dev community.


I think for your describe usecase the App-only auth should be enough, as you do not need to act in behalf of a specific user. Note that if you need large amounts of historical data, the REST API won’t provide that.


Thank you so much! Used that and it did everything I needed to do. Just curious tho if I want more history days what auth would I need for that?


This is not possible at all with the REST API, regardless of authentication level.
You would need to use a data provider like Gnip for that, which offers paid plans to get historical Tweet data, as far as I know.