Options Quick Reply Issues



I know this is not the right place to discuss the mobile issues but I’m not sure where else to submit them, so I’m hoping someone here can pass these issues on to the mobile team.

A few issues regarding Options Quick Reply:

  1. Web (Chrome browser): Inconsistent emojis - Twitter emojis are used for the content, however system emojis are used on the option buttons.

  2. Mobile: On the Direct Message screen, when there are four option buttons, the fourth option button is covered by the empty tab bar at the bottom, as shown in the screenshot. It is not possible to scroll the fourth option button above the empty tab bar at the bottom, so the fourth option button is never able to be selected.

  1. Mobile: If option buttons are being shown and you click in the “Start a message” input, the keyboard will cover the option buttons (as expected). However, from that point there is no way to get back to the list of option buttons.

(The mobile issues are on iOS 11 beta using the latest version of the Twitter app.)