Option to pass custom thumbnail while uploading a video to Twitter through REST API




Is there an option to pass a custom thumbnail when we upload a video to twitter using the REST API(s)?

I am unable to find any such indication in the below pages.

Such a option would give the users more flexibility to customize their posts.



Hi @adobeganesh - thanks for the suggestion - there’s currently no way to do this in the API, but we’ll take this onboard!


Hello, just wondering if there is an update on this being available in the API?


No, there’s nothing in the API to enable custom video thumbnails to be set. I believe this may be possible in the Media Studio tool - this is a business-oriented product and does not have an API available.


Ok, thank you.


Hello @andypiper,

As per the source Video Thumbnails , it is clear the we can upload custom thumbnail to video. Can you please confirm if the same can be achieved from Rest API or we need to call ads-api.twitter.com for tor attaching thumbnail. If yes, please help how can we get account_id for POST call…

Thanks in advance…


This is only available to advertising partners via the Ads API. If you have a valid use case for the Ads API, you can apply for access to the program via this page.