Opt out from ads when using statuses/home_timeline API?


Hi, I’m building app that uses statuses/home_timeline API.

Your terms (https://dev.twitter.com/terms/api-terms ) says ‘Twitter reserves the right to serve advertising via its APIs (“Twitter Ads”). If you decide to serve Twitter Ads once we start delivering them, we will share a portion of advertising revenue with you per our then-current terms and conditions.’ in section IV-1.
It says what happens when I DO decide to serve Twitter Ads. I wonder what happens if I DON’T want to serve Twitter Ads.

  1. Is there any API parameter NOT TO receive Twitter Ads in response ?
  2. If answer to Q1 is no, is there easy way to remove Twitter Ads from API response ?


Hi Daisy,

We don’t serve ad placements via the APIs to developers today. When we do, there will be ample notice to developers and most likely updates to the APIs to support opting in/out on serving those.



got it, thanks :slight_smile: