Opening full Premium Access for Academic Research



I was wondering if you were considering providing free access to the full Premium APIs for academic researchers. As a social sciences graduate student I have no research budget whatsoever, but full access to the Premium APIs would enable some really cool and impactful research. Have you guys considered a special program for cases like this? I.e. maybe some kind of ‘data scholarship’ or something like that, where a researcher could provide academic credentials and an application with a proposal of the work they want to do with details on why access to the Premium API is necessary.

Hope you guys take this into consideration! As is, the Premium APIs are really exciting and make this data more accessible than before, but it wasn’t clear in the beginning that you’d have to pay for more than 100 tweets at a time! :smiley:


Hi @katester117-
There is a free tier of the Premium search APIs (both 30-day and Full Archive). If used efficiently, you could get up to
100 Tweets x 250 requests = 25K Tweets for the last 30 days history
100 Tweets x 50 requests = 5K Tweets for the full archive history

This is 30K Tweets per month for free.
We have a one-time historical data pull sales offer if you are interested, select “one-time historical data pull” and contact sales here: