Opengraph support for tweet button?


Is there a way to let the twitter for websites button make use of the already embedded opengraph metatags on my website without having to explicitly set the title, description, etc … on the button itself?


Currently there isn’t. Our JavaScript include currently does a simple amount of metadata extraction from the page (title tag, and looks for a Twitter account linked with rel=“me” to determine the via parameter.) It’s something I’m keen to do more of though, so whilst it’s not a feature enhancement that will happen imminently, I’ve noted OpenGraph as something to explore.




I think the iframes are evil . E.g. the amazon integration!/themihai/status/173038692011745280 which has iframes. Anyway is there any open API / meta tags system to generate such tweets ? Amazon website seems to automatically get the show “media” link no matter what page you share .


There’s currently no means to tell Twitter how or whether to render content on based on OpenGraph tags or other open APIs.


is there any plan for a such API ? How does amazon do that without an API ?

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