Open URL (In IOS and Android) from Mopub Order in external browser


Order Created in Mopub.

HTML creative:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="100%" height="100%"><a/>

Works all fine but the URL is opening inside the app.

What do I have to change in the creative code to open the URL in the external browser?


Hey Lukasj1985,

3.B.6. Native Browser Clicks In order to do tracking in the OS’s native browser, partners may choose to use the native browser click functionality supported by the MoPub SDK.

You can target this functionality via the banner.ext.nativebrowserclick field on the request. If set to 1 it is supported by the requesting SDK.

In the creative returned in the adm field, this behavior can be triggered by setting the click through URL in the following format using a custom URI pattern (this custom URI will open the URL in the native OS browser) :


IMPORTANT: Ensure that ‘http://’ or ‘https://’ is included in the intended landing page URL.

ie: “mopubnativebrowser://navigate?url=”

This is from:




I am having an issue with implementing the native browser protocol also and hoping someone could help! We are implementing Sizmek tags and in doing so it’s adding an http to the beginning of the URL and the end result is a 404 page. Does anyone know of a work-around or a way to force MoPub to accept a URL starting with http?

Original URL: mopubnativebrowser://navigate?

Sizmek edited/error URL: http://mopubnativebrowser//navigate?

Thanks in advance!