Open Twitter with user logged in - New tab or frame


Hi All

I want to acheive the following:

A user on our website clicks on a Twitter link and then Twitter opens with the user already logged in. I started out trying to get it to open in an iFrame but abandoned that pretty qucikly. I’m not even sure if it is possible but I need to be 100% certain.

Approaches taken so far

  • Twitter oAuth
    I have used the oAuth librarys from Abraham ( and managed to get that working with no problem. I have all the tokens etc. and can post to their account. I was expecting the act of authenticating them to log them into Twitter but I assume this isn’t the case because the Twitter website isn’t setting the cookie?

  • cURL
    I have tried to pass the credentials using cURL but nothing is returned. My basic cURL implementation is OK, I can read in the Twitter homepage (not logged in) and display it on our page

Other suggestions

I have had many other suggestions including:

  • Embedding a browser into a Java Applet and then embed that (not sure how to pass the variables…)

The question is this, which route would you go down or do you have any better ideas?


IFRAME approaches won’t work as you’ve noticed – and any kind of slurping/scraping of content and then showing yourself is also forbidden.

What you’re likely looking for is something like [node:183] which will use the user’s already existing session for discreet Twitter-related actions.


Web intents isn’t quite right. I just wanted to log the user in and then open Twitter for them, is this possible ata all? If not then fair enough I just need to know.


Logging into the website itself can only be done by the user themselves, so I think the answer here is no.