Open Native Twitter app from Embedded timeline website


I have a mobile website that uses the embeded timeline feature (where I just create a list and then copy the html/JS code). I would like to know if I can somehow make it an option to open the native twitter app when someone wants to re-tweet or respons etc.

I know there are URLs I can use to post messages such as twitter://post?message=hello%20world

but I don’t know how to take an already embedded timeline and have it open the native app instead of re-directing to the mobile website.


No, there is not an option to pass a parameter to Embedded Timeline JavaScript to swap web links for a custom Twitter scheme.

Native applications are able to test if an application on the device is registered to handle a custom scheme and swap a link destination.

The Twitter application is popular on many devices but may not be present across 100% of your mobile website audience.

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