@OnlyHipHopFacts Suspended For Unknown Reason


Hello Twitter,
@OnlyHipHopFacts was suspended for an unknown reason or perhaps by mistake. Our account has over 106,000 followers which we have garnered over about a year; of which over 410 followers are verified accounts (Celebrities, Executives, Media, Etc). We only follow around 1,070 people (primarily celebrities and industry personnel). Emails have been sent to Twitter regarding this matter; stating that we’re not sure if or how we violated Twitter’s Rules & Regulations. As well we’ve stated that we’re willing to comply with any demands required of us to remedy this situation immediately.

Our brand is simply about the promotion of extraordinary talent in the Hip Hop industry. We’ve worked very hard to get where we are today, and this suspension has occurred at the worst possible time as we’re in the midst of expanding our brand and we’ve been using our Twitter account as a pivot for every move we’re making.

How can we expedite this process, get information on how we can mitigate this in the future, and understand why this even happened in the first place?

Joel Johnson
Chairman, CEO
Only Hip Hop Facts
Only Music Facts


How’d you get unsuspended?

My account @Derpey with 485,000 followers which was earned for close to 2 years, was just suspended 48+ hours ago. Only following 80 people, same as you not 100% sure why I was suspended, no response from ticket.

You can contact me on my personal, @Antwonii