Only abbreviated title/description shown (with ellipsis)




I try to come up with summary cards as shown on but I only get summary cards with abbreviated title and description:

Instead of, e.g., “public voit” (as title) and “The Who (and Slydigs)” (as description) I only get “pu…” (title) and “The…” (description). You can check it with placing the URL into the validator at

How can I get full title and full description shown in the twitter cards?

(Since this effect seems to be very common, please put an explanation + fix in your FAQ as well.)


The full title and description for your card are showing for me both in the validator and in a Tweeted card. What browser are you using? I don’t see any abbreviation here.


There seems to be a dependency on the browser. On GNU/Linux Firefox 45, the information is abbreviated:

However, on Windows Firefox 48, it is working as desired:

Can you elaborate on the difference? Thanks for clarifying.


Ah yes, I believe I have seen that before with Linux (and possibly specifically with Firefox on Linux, I’d have to dig back on past threads). Not sure what the cause is on that one! :-/


FF48.0 on Ubuntu 16.04
Got the same annoying preview issue for months…


Not all Twitter Cards seem to be totally broken with my GNU/Linux Firefox 45:

Here, the description is not abbreviated (as usual). However, the title still is:


Thanks for this. I’ll certainly pass it along to the relevant teams, but it does largely seem to be specific to Linux platforms, which is a bit weird (since a browser “should” just be a browser).


We are developing a browser-based software product in our company as well.

I also stumbled over the theory that “a browser should just be a browser” and “standard HTML ought to be enough” but in practice, the opposite is the case. IE development is pain in the ass. However, also the other browsers (mainly Chrome/FF/Safari) need their special treatment as well.

Platform-related issues are rare, that’s true. But in this case, the feature is basically dead for a large portion of Linux users. At least for a couple of months. I’d say this should be fixed pretty soon before people start dropping this great feature from their products.

Just my 2 cents …


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