One user for application?


Following the documentation:

I’m making a “Sign in with Twitter” application on my website. After weeks of understand sign/request of API 1.1 of Twitter, I’ve finally done it!

I receive a access token and an access token secret that permit me to invoke call such as, retrieving info by the user logged on it.

The problem is: now, I clear the cache of browser and I try to login with another user, trying to get his information. But I get the The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. message, using the same “procedure”.

So seems that once I create a token for a user of my application, I can’t create a new one for another user. How can I use this application for many of users? What need I to be carefully?

NOTE: this happens only “sometimes”. I’d say 7/10 I can’t access with Twitter, 3/10 i fot that 401 error.